Meru Beriti National Park

Posted July 25, 2008 by fayha
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The last habitat of the Tiger of Loreng Java

Do you always have a time to take holiday every year? What kind of vacation you like? Safari in South Africa? Shopping in Paris or Singapore? Or enjoy exotic culture in South-East Asia like Java or Thailand? How if I tell you some that could be your alternative vacation?

Recently I read the article that reviewed about “Meru Beriti”. A forest mangrove that was located in the Banyuwangi city, East Java. Meru Beriti was the national park that was the scarce Rafflesia Arnoldi plants habitat (the name of this flower was taken from the name of Sir Thomas Raffles) as well as the place of his life of several typical Asian animal populations like the buffalo, the leopard, and the long tail monkey. That was most famous from this place was to become the last habitat the Javanese stripes tiger. The scarce animal that only was in Indonesia (the Javanese Island)

In there, you also could enjoy the maritime tour, swimming, sunbathe, and visit to belimbing (star fruit) turtle breeding, shell turtle, green turtle and fission turtle. Banyuwangi is far enough from Surabaya (the East Java capital), but the exotic that was offered as well as the beauty of Meru Beriti scenery really in accordance with all that. So don’t waste the time and missed it because the visit season that was good there was between February and Agustus…. The adventure in the forest as well as sea in Indonesia was waiting for you!!!